Varenyky (Perogies) Potato & Cheddar Cheese Pyrohy

  1. VARENYKY – Perogy – вареники  Pyrohy – пироги з жовтим сиром

Truly a Ukrainian dish , Varenyky are known around the world.

Our Varenyky (crescent-shaped dumplings) are lovingly filled with potato & cheddar cheese with a hint of onion.

Varenyky are very popular in Ukraine.
During preparation, the filling is wrapped with dough, boiled for several minutes, and then covered with butter or cooking oil.

The name varenyk, in fact, simply means “boiled thing”, from the adjective varyty – ‘to boil’.

Ready to Take-Away by the dozen. This Product is full cooked.

Fresh Varenyky are available on Thursdays only – pre-ordering is recommended. Varenyky are always available fully cooked and frozen by the dozen. Don’t forget the sour cream!

2  Sauerkraut Varenyky – Pyrohy  – вареники з капустою

  • 3  Potato with Cottage Cheese Varenyky Pyrohy – вареники: БАРАБОЛЯ З БІЛИМ СИРОМ

    Mashed potatoes  with cottage cheese mixture.

    Topping is usually sour cream and maybe some chopped chives. 

    You can also serve Varenyky (pyrohy) with caramelized onions or fried bacon.

    • Preparation for Varenyky  – Pyrohy

      All food is fully prepared and easy to warm up!

    It’s time to prepare your Perogies/Pyrohy/Varenyky

    1. Stove Top – Steam

    • Pour about ½ inch of water in a skillet, bring to simmer. Add the frozen Varenyky to the skillet and cover with lid.
    • Turn the Varenyky periodically, so that they do not stick to the skillet (saucepan).
    • The Varenyky will steam cook, defrosting at the same time.
    • This process should take about 3-5 min.
    • Toss into a butter (oil) or fried onion mixture.

    2. Stove Top – Boil

    • In a pot bring 4 quarts of salted water to a rolling boil
    • Do not reduce the heat. Add 1 dozen frozen Perogies stir carefully with a wooden spoon just to loosen any that might be sticking to the pot being careful not to break them. When Perogies float to the top continue to boil 3-5 min.
    • Drain or remove with slotted spoon and serve hot with choice of butter, fried onion or bacon.

    3. Microwave –

    • Place frozen Perogies on a dish, cover with paper towel and press sensor reheat cycle, OR
    • microwave frozen Perogies for a couple of minutes(check for readiness)

    4. Oven –Steam

    • Pour about ¼ inch hot water in a casserole dish/roaster
    • Add frozen Perogies and put into a warm oven 350o F for about 20 min per one layer ( you may add a second layer – divide it with parchment paper – extend heating to 30 min )
    • Remove from oven (take away parchment paper if any)
    • Add butter (oil) or fried onion mixture.

    5. Fry –

    • Fry in a skillet with butter for a few minutes, turning to cook evenly on both sides.

    *Serve Varenyky with sour cream, mushroom gravy, bacon, butter or fried onions…enjoy!