Vushka –  Voosh-ka – вушка

Vushka  are tiny little Varenyky (shaped like a little ear) and filled with the finest dried mushrooms & onion mixture (a.k.a. mushroom tortellini).  Traditionally added to Borshch at Christmas time.

Terrace Take-Away offers vushka in portions of 2 dozen (24 pieces) in a bag.  The vushka are boiled then flash-frozen.

Many enjoy VUSHKA year round either: boiled, fried, or topped off with a sauce of your choice.


All food is fully prepared and easy to warm up!

1. Stove Top – Steam

  • Pour about ½ inch of water in a skillet, bring to simmer. Add the frozen Vushka to the skillet (saucepan) and cover with lid.
  • Turn the Vushka periodically, so that they do not stick to the skillet.
  • The Vushka will steam cook, defrosting at the same time.
  • This process should take about 5-8 min.
  • Toss into a butter (oil) or fried onion mixture.

2. Stove Top – Boil

  • In a pot bring 4 quarts of salted water to a rolling boil
  • Do not reduce the heat. Add 1 dozen frozen Vushka stir carefully with a wooden spoon just to loosen any that might be sticking to the pot being careful not to break them. When Vushka float to the top continue to boil 3-5 min.
  • Drain or remove with slotted spoon and serve hot with choice of butter, fried onion or bacon.

3. Microwave –

  • Place frozen Vushka on a dish, cover with paper towel and press sensor reheat cycle, OR
  • microwave frozen Vushka for a couple of minutes (check for readiness)

4. Oven –Steam

  • Pour about ¼ inch hot water in a casserole dish/roaster
  • Add frozen Vushka and put into a warm oven 350o F for about 20 min per one layer ( you may add a second layer – divide it with parchment paper – extend heating to 30 min )
  • Remove from oven (take away parchment paper if any)
  • Add butter (oil) or fried onion mixture.

5. Fry –

  • Fry in a skillet with butter for a few minutes, turning to cook evenly on both sides.

*Serve Vushka either as a dumpling floating in Borshch soup (traditional method).

Vushka can also be served as a pasta dish – topped either with mushroom gravy, butter, tomato or alfredo sauce…enjoy!