Sauerkraut Crepes


Nalysnyky – a traditional Ukrainian dish, often served on different celebrations like Christmas, Easter or weddings. Nalysnyky are CREPES prepared from the following ingredients: eggs, milk, water, flour and salt.

At TERRACE TAKE-AWAY  we spread each crepe with sauerkraut filling and roll them up.

All food is fully prepared and easy to warm up and may be frozen.

Preparation for Sauerkraut Crepes:

a/ Fresh: May be eaten cold or warmed up on stove top – stick to low or medium heat and flip often to promote even heating.

b/ Frozen: Thaw, then reheat on stovetop.

– Reheating in the Microwave is undoubtedly one of the fastest ways to heat or reheat food, but texture of some foods can suffer in the process.

– Reheating on the Stovetop is a great way-stick to low to medium heat and flip often to promote even heating.